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Monday, September 25, 2017

US Warmongering in the Works, South Korea is Building Nuclear Subs and Spy Satellites

Source: Covert Geopolitics

The constant exchange of war rhetoric between the US and North Korea is working for the US military industrial complex. South Korea has decided to build its own nuclear submarine fleet and a network of spy satellites.

South Korea is considering boosting its three-axis defense program by building its own nuclear-powered submarines and acquiring spy satellites to counter the North Korea threat.

At their second bilateral meeting on Thursday, US President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in committed to strengthen their combined defense posture against the People's Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) through Seoul's acquisition and development of highly-advanced military assets, as well as through the deployment of US strategic assets in and around South Korea.

Following the meeting, Trump said it was "a great privilege" to talk to Moon and that the ongoing North Korean crisis was the most important issue he and his counterpart had to address.

"I am allowing Japan and South Korea to buy a substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the United States," Trump tweeted on September 5, after Pyongyang successfully tested a hydrogen bomb that could be loaded on an intercontinental ballistic missile.

As everyone knows, North Korea is predictable when it comes to how it would respond to any Western provocation. This has been exploited by the war hawks under the employment of the military industrialists controlling Washington DC.

So, even if the Trump administration is looking more stupid all the time, it is more than willing to do the provocation as it is the only it can survive the four year term, and to mitigate the impact of the undisclosed bankruptcy of the US, Inc.

When asked about the US bombers fly by near the Korean Peninsula and along international waters, Patrick Henningsen has this to say:

They are sending a message of aggression and war. It is certainly the message that Trump's base, some of them anyway, want to hear. It is the message that the military-industrial complex in the US – all the defense contractors – they want to hear this, it is John McCain's message, it is James Mattis' message. This is the message of neoconservative war hawks. That is basically who he is talking to.

In terms of diplomacy, it is completely counterproductive. In terms of China relations, it is very poor form. In terms of military strategy, it is worthless, it is nothing. The other thing is, Obama would have done the same thing. In fact, Obama did exactly the same thing in September, 2016 – he flew a B-1 bomber over South Korea not very far at all, technically from where this was flown today. Of course, it didn't get any media coverage at the time. But this is just basic US behavior, a government that is dominated by the Pentagon, by the defense industry, by these interests.

In short, this is all theatrics that has the potential of going full thermonuclear when miscalculations occur. Otherwise, the Korean Peninsula should have achieved peace a lot time ago.

The US is the problem in this. South Korea and North Korea have tried different times to initiate some kind of meaningful peace process. And almost at every turn, the US will intervene in one way or another to try to break up that sort of bilateral negotiations between the North and the South. The US has a demilitarized zone between North and South Korea with 30,000 troops and military contractors and civilian personnel based there. They have a base in Okinawa, they have a base in Japan, they have a base in Guam, they have a few bases on the Philippines.

From the Korean point of view, the problem is the US. I am sure North and South Korea could eventually work this out to have a peace treaty. But that is not what is happening now. The US is intervening for one simple fact: because the whole Pacific Rim agenda is predicated on poor relations with North Korea and war footing. Otherwise, the US would have no business in the Pacific and the only reason they are there is to counter China. So, North Korea is just theater. This is stage-managed geopolitical theater. It is very dangerous what the US is doing right now, what this president is doing right now, pushing the envelope in a very negative way.

What the Khazarians have been doing is at least two-fold:
sow turmoil all around the world, exploit their resources, and;
destroy Western middle class at the same time by "outsourcing" all industrial and manufacturing jobs elsewhere slave labor is available.

They're aiming that, in the end, they're the only ones left standing.

A Grand Strategy for Peace

Source: Covert Geopolitics

The ongoing development in the Eurasian land mass known as the One Belt One Road is patterned after Lyndon LaRouche and his wife's concept of a Eurasian Land Bridge that will spur development for all countries being traversed by modern railway networks. This to them is the formula by which peace could be fostered through unity in commerce and peaceful exchanges of culture.

It's very important that people understand the nature of the grand strategy which Lyndon LaRouche has been committed to, and what his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche is committed to—a grand strategy for humanity, as against the oligarchical principle of the British Empire, where for us, economic development is the basis for peace. It's the basis for cooperation among different nations throughout the world. It's John Quincy Adams' conception of a community of principle among a family of sovereign nation-states, where man can actually then carry out his mission, which is not only to develop the planet for man, but also to explore and colonize space.

Going back to the Critias and the Timaeus, which I mentioned at the beginning, the point is that man is confronted with floods, he's confronted with fire—and in this case with hurricanes. The basic point is that there are acts of omission and acts of commission which result in a destruction of humanity. The acts of omission include not building the infrastructure that could actually mitigate hurricanes and so forth. There's an act of omission, if you don't work with Russia and China on a joint strategy to prevent asteroids striking the Earth.

Then there are also acts of commission, which include unjust wars—which is fire, thermonuclear fire. There are also acts of commission, including financial policies which are designed from the standpoint of enforcing zero economic growth and population reduction, which have been the policy of the British Empire.

I think, as Lyndon LaRouche has said, victory is within our reach, if we move right now, because we now have a different situation than in the 1890s and the beginning of the 1900s. That situation resulted in over a hundred years of war—two world wars, and then perpetual warfare, with short breaks, after World War II.

Today we have the potential to actually win, and the basic point is we have to break out now and seize the moment to put together an alliance, which LaRouche has called the Four Powers—the United States, Russia, China, India—to defeat the British empire. This would be a liberation of the people of the United Kingdom. It's not aimed at the British people. In the United States, we have to move with what LaRouche has called the Four Laws: This is a policy of Glass-Steagall, national banking, in the sense of Roosevelt's Reconstruction Finance Corporation and Hamilton's National Bank, to issue credit for economic development. We cannot operate from the standpoint of the miserly conception that "we can't spend the money to save people." We've spent trillions to save bankrupt banks! We spend trillions to carry out unjust regime-change wars. What we need to do is to invest in people: Save the people, and cancel the British system.

Discussion: Victory Is Within Reach

Question: As far back as the late 1800s, in China, after China was beaten by Great Britain in the Second Opium War, I think Lincoln sent as his ambassador a man by the name of Burlingame, and then later Wharton Barker, to help with the development of the railway in China. I know that the great Dr. Sun Yat-sen, in 1907, wrote The International Development of China, which was the roadmap for developing China's industrial and economic capability. So all the railways, all the waterways, everything that China is now today doing, come from blueprints from Dr. Sun, and essentially—it seems to me—from Lincoln.

Can you comment on the future of potential collaboration between China and the United States, and the collaboration around infrastructure development?

Wertz: What you developed is precisely the case. For instance, the entire plan of Hanotaux and of Witte, was to make sure that the trans-Siberian Railroad actually went through Manchuria. The basic idea was to free China from the British. There were two Opium Wars in the 1800s, prior to this period; there was also a brief war between the French and the Chinese in the Vietnam area. Sun Yat-sen is another reflection of exactly how Lincoln's policy was spread, in terms of the ideas, through Europe, Russia, China, and other locations.

The irony is that China has actually been engaged in precisely what Franklin Roosevelt was committed to: To develop the world through American methods, like the Tennessee Valley Authority, or the Grand Coulee Dam, the locks in the St. Lawrence Seaway, or the Boulder Dam, and the Four Corners policy of Franklin Roosevelt. He wanted to spread this throughout the world. And that was based upon Alexander Hamilton. Graham Lowry's book discusses this: The British did not want the United States to move west, to develop the continent as a whole. And this was the perspective of the Founding Fathers—to move west, and eventually this was consolidated with the Transcontinental Railroad of Lincoln.

The basic point here, as Lyndon LaRouche said the other day, is that victory is within reach. Because we do have some adults who are creative in leadership positions in the world today, which has not always been the case. There was a recent article in the China Daily, which featured an interview with Helga Zepp-LaRouche. She reported that she had gone to China back in the 1970s during the Cultural Revolution, and saw the devastation that existed there. And then she returned much later with the perspective of the Silk Road. And there's an appreciation in China of the role that the LaRouches, and particularly Helga in terms of China, have played.

You see what Lyndon LaRouche has done, really from the 1970s. He wasn't just concerned about the United States. He functioned, as Schiller said, "as a patriot of his own country, but also as a citizen of the world." He was elaborating programs for development for the entire world, in the spirit of what Franklin Roosevelt told Winston Churchill that America was going to do, as opposed to what the British Empire wanted to do.

That is where we are today, and I would just say, as I stressed, this is what's at stake right now. It's really up to, in this country, the American people—but obviously throughout the world, for people to really understand this: that you've got rise to the level of grand strategy, of a grand design for the world, for humanity as a whole. You've got to approach it from that standpoint. Yes, fight for your own people, but you also have to fight for humanity as a whole—and it has to be based on truth and the question of justice.

And I think that's really the issue, and we've got to mobilize to make sure that this succeeds at this moment.

Question: I'm from New York. One of my many interests in this world is to remind people that they can think for themselves. They don't need a media outlet to tell them what to think. I'm in the business of teaching people how to think. So, it pains me, not as just an educator but as a human being, when I see other Americans hoodwinked by things like Russia-gate. When you look at just New York City alone, we have a failing infrastructure, with a subway system that is overcrowded and over-packed. We have roads that people can't even drive on any longer—and yet people care about how many scoops of ice cream Trump gets every day. So, the essential question here is, how do we make sure that this is the last time a Russia-gate happens, so that people can now, instead of talking about themselves, or worrying about what their President eats—they can worry about fixing their own country, fixing their own state, ensuring that people can be educated—the real issues?

Wertz: I think the American poet Edgar Allan Poe addressed the issue most directly in a short story called "Mellonta Tauta," because what he said there is that the oligarchy is able to control a population to the extent to which it is convinced that there are only two pathways to truth—empiricism and logical deduction. If you look at all of the things that we've been confronted with over the recent period, that's precisely the way in which people have been brainwashed. They look at the empirical evidence which they've been fed by the media, by so-called authorities, and they operate from the standpoint of certain logical deductive axioms. And they're trapped in this situation.

But Poe basically said that the empiricist's method is the Baconian method. He was referring to Francis Bacon, and the logical deductive method is that of Aristotle, to whom he referred. To be human, he said, is not to creep or crawl, as you would from the standpoint of empiricism or logical deduction; but rather to soar and to use the method of hypothesis, which is the method of Plato, of creative thinking. He said this method is the method of Kepler, and that is the real critical issue. People have to understand how to think. If you think that the only way that you come to knowledge is through empiricism or logical deduction, then you're controlled by the oligarchy. This is a fundamental principle that people have to actually understand.

We have reason to be optimistic, because the world has a very clear alternative, represented by a New Paradigm. To the extent to which you see people responding, for instance in the face of these hurricanes, in a manner which is similar to that of the Good Samaritan—that is what makes us human. Just to reflect on what you were saying—it is a passion for the truth, a commitment to humanity. It's what the Greeks called agape, or love. It's that quality that is evident in the situation in many sections of the world today.

Look at the win-win strategy that was put forward by the Chinese—this is the strategy that ended the Thirty Years War in Europe in the 1600s. It was the concept of the Treaty of Westphalia, to act on the basis of the benefit of the other, as opposed to egoism. I think this is also what the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley referred to in his A Defence of Poetry; it's a kind of mass-strike phenomenon, which is not an economic strike or a general strike. It's a mental process in which people rise above their parochial interests and think about humanity as a whole. What we require right now is to really elevate the kind of good works that you see—such as in people risking their lives to save other people in the case of Texas; or what we saw with the first responders on 9/11. We have to actually rise to the level of "what do we need to do for humanity right now?" Think in those terms, which is to think big, in terms of what the mission of man is. And I think if we do that, then we have the potential for bringing about a very fundamental change right now.

President Trump could take certain actions right now. The "Russia-gate" is blown out of the water by the evidence that has been presented here today. He should seize the moment, not just to raise the debt ceiling, but rather to move with his promises during and after the election, and to work with China and Russia to eliminate the danger of thermonuclear war, and to join in the fight against terrorism, which the Russians have advocated repeatedly. That's the direction in which we have to go. That will bring about a complete shift in the world as we know it.

Every Second in the Universe, Mysterious “Alien Signals” are Triggered

Source: Ancient Code | by Ivan Petricevic

Astronomers have only found a couple of dozen FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts), and they still have not understood what causes these rapid and powerful radio broadcast bursts.

Some say its aliens, while others say it's a combination of different cosmic phenomena that are yet to be identified, but the truth is, we honestly don't know what causes them.

Now, for the first time ever, two astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) have estimated how many FRBs should occur throughout the observable universe.

Their work indicates that at least one FRB is produced somewhere in the cosmos every second.

"If we are right about such a high percentage of FRBs occurring at any given time, you can imagine the sky is filled with flashes like paparazzi taking photos of a celebrity," said Anastasia Fialkov of the CfA, who led the study.

"Instead of the light we can observe with our own eyes, these enigmatic flashes come in radio waves."

In order to come to this conclusion—which many are findings surprising—Fialkov and co-author Avi Loeb assumed that FRB 121102, a rapid radio burst located in a galaxy about 3 billion light-years from Earth, is 'representative' of all FRBs in the cosmos.

Due to the fact that this FRB has produced repeated bursts since it was discovered back in 2012, astronomers have been able to study it in much more detail than any other FRBs.Using that information, they calculated how many FRBs would exist throughout the known universe.

"In the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee, hundreds of FRBs may have gone off somewhere in the Universe," said Avi Loeb.

"If we can analyze even a portion of those well enough, we should be able to unravel their origin."

Experts are still not able to pinpoint the exact origin of FRBs, but most experts agree on the idea that FRBs originate in galaxies located billions of light-years away.

One leading scientific theory is that FRBs are the byproducts of young, rapidly spinning neutron stars with extraordinarily strong magnetic fields.

Scientists point out that FRBs can help us study the structure and evolution of our Universe, regardless of whether or not their origin is fully understood.

A large population of FRBs could act as a probe of material across humongous distances.

As noted by CfA, the intervening material is able to blur the signal from the cosmic microwave background (CMB)—which is the leftover radiation from the Big Bang.

A careful analysis of this intervening material could provide an enhanced understanding of fundamental cosmic constituents, such as the relativistic quantities of ordinary matter, dark matter, and dark energy, which influence how rapidly the universe is expanding, and if of course, it is expanding at all.

The research study authored by Fialkov and Loeb explaining these results was published in the September 10, 2017, issue of The Astrophysical Journal Letters, and is available online.

About the Author

Ivan is editor-in-chief at, he also writes for Universe Explorers. You may have seen him appear on the Discovery and History Channel.

(Video) Interrupts TV Broadcasts Interrupted by Emergency Alert in California, Warnings of Aliens and the Apocalypse

Published on Sep 22, 2017

EMERGENCY ALERTS! The TRUTH behind the interrupted TV Broadcasts in California! Is it really the end of the world? Or was this something else? Find your answers here! (((EPIC))) PARANORMAL NEWS!

BATR: Why Left Wing Nuts Get Away with Murder

Why Left Wing Nuts Get Away with Murder

"Once Upon A Time, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away" the left wing of the political spectrum were the vanguard of opposing the globalist warfare matrix. The anti-war movement changed the world in the 1960's and stopped the bloody carnage in Viet Nam. Judging by today's standards, that world is forgotten and the replacement culture has an attitude that preserving the empire is necessary no matter how trumped up the rationale is to maintain perpetual conflict. Choose the newest enemy; Jihad Islam, Russian nationalism, Chinese supremacy or North Korean belligerence and any dedicated internationalist can spin an argument why fighting the next war is necessary.

Now we all know just how half-crazed the foreign policy of mentally deranged "Bomber" McCain and his NeoCon warmonger comrades has been over the decades, but what is the excuse from the Looney Left for abandoning their moral argument that underpinned opposition to the establishment's persistent drive to maintain a permanent war environment?

Remember the Democratic left is the party that purged the righteous and enlightened foreign policy opposition from the likes of Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney and Eric Massa; forcing each from office. Throwing them under the bus is much different from having them sitting in the back of the coach.

While regrettable these expulsions from Congress are consistent with the radical purity litmus tests required to remain within the club of ecumenical warfare. The informative site with accompanied link resources, Neoliberalism as Trotskyism for the rich makes an important point.

"Like Trotskyism, neoliberalism consider wars to impose a liberal-democratic society on weaker countries (which in modern times are countries without nuclear weapons) which cannot give a fight to Western armies are inherently just ("regime change" mentality). So both ideologies are ready to bring revolution to new countries on the tips of (USA in case of neoliberalism) bayonets."

Once the resistance to imperialism was seen as a desired objective for liberal wing exponents of the anti-war factions. Sadly, that is no longer the case. The persistent and expansive dominance within the deep state of the most notable NeoCon proponents has worked their way into the entire professional establishment. As the NeoLibs become indistinguishable with the fake conservatives, the liberal cause is relegated to the trash bin.

Doug Bandow writes in Forbes, Americans Should Reject Bipartisan Warmongering: Base Foreign Policy On Reluctance To Go To War and acknowledges the failure the post 911 era.

"After 9/11, President George W. Bush abandoned his campaign pledge of a “humble” foreign policy and instead unleashed America’s military throughout the Middle East, with disastrous results.

Fifteen years and another administration later, the U.S. is more entangled in violent conflicts throughout the world than ever before and there’s no end in sight. The American people understandably have rejected a foreign policy driven by regime change and nation building."

Well, this last conclusion is debatable. Has the public truly scorned the interventionist involvement policy? The grassroots Trump supporters were certainly onboard, but the cold hard fact is that the will of the people has little to do with the design and implementation of foreign policy. Just as President Trump, has been held captive to the careerists from Foggy Bottom.

This brings up the discussion, why is it acceptable in the controlled and manufactured culture for liberals to jump on the train of the arms munitions machine and always get a pass on their bellicose advocacy?

The short answer, they can get away with it in a culture that blames right wing conservatives for all wars. However, this is not based upon the real historic record. According to Willie Osterweil in the essay, Democrats Are the Real Party of Warpresents a compelling argument.

"Indeed, all of the major U.S. wars in the 20th century—World War I, II, Korea and Vietnam—were entered by Democratic administrations. Harry Truman, a Democrat, is still the only world leader to use a nuclear bomb on a population. And with the exception of World War II, where almost all anti-war sentiment collapsed after Pearl Harbor, these wars were entered over the objections of the left wing of the Democratic Party. But while the presence of that left wing has guaranteed that anti-war liberals rally to the Democratic side, it not yet stopped a Democratic administration from going to war.

It’s important to face this fact squarely: in the 20th century, it was the Democratic party that was the more aggressive pursuer of foreign wars. You can make whatever claim you like about historical contingency, necessity, or immediate context. None of them should convince anyone that the Democrats, as a party, are opposed to war. They’re not even more opposed to war than Republicans. They are a party of warmongers.

Many of those young anti-war Obama voters learned a hard lesson: when you put your faith, energy or activism into electing Democrats, no matter what domestic policy you support, you’re also putting your weight behind militarism, a crackdown on civil liberties, and foreign wars of aggression. Perhaps the most surprising thing about Obama’s wars, ultimately, is how, despite it all, many continue to hope for change from the Democratic Party."

Folks, there are no successors to Eugene Joseph McCarthy a Man of Courage. The Democratic Party is every bit of a fraud as the Republican NeoCons. As for the ideological inept supporters of progressive nihilism, they are irrelevant and act as dreadful fools of the Pelosi contingent wing of the sham two party systems.

The fake news offered up by the corporatist media is so slanted to maintain the protection racket for their heroes and heroines on the left that the condemnation of that other famous McCarthy, "Tail Gunner Joe", applies to anyone on the right; especially if they propose an American First, non-interventionism populist viewpoint.

Back to, Once Upon A Time, the populism on the left and that of the right shared most of the same basic distrust of the political and economic elites. Not that way anymore. Even the liberal site Vox asks, Why Democrats have no foreign policy ideas.

"Washington’s foreign policy debate tends to be mostly conducted between the center and the right. The issue is typically how much force America should use rather than whether it should use it at all, or how to tweak a free-trade agreement rather than whether it should be accepted at all. Debates over pressing policy issues — from fighting ISIS to the crisis in Venezuela to handling Chinese provocations in the South China Sea — lack a left-wing voice of any prominence.

Dan Drezner, a professor at Tufts University’s Fletcher School admits:

“As progressives, we believe in government. And yet, the logic of a security state tends in directions that are antithetical to things we believe as progressives,” Hurlburt says. “As a security progressive, you’re constantly riding that contradiction, and you’ll never get away from it.”

His conclusions are void of the definite criticism that the Liberal Wing Nuts actually are in basic agreement with the prevailing war imposition objectives of the permanent foreign policy consortium.

So when the self-proclaimed indignation of the pseudo holier than thou libtards rationalize that their complicity in murder comes with the territory, just remember that infamous admission from war criminal, Madeleine Albright in her 60 Minutes interview.

Lesley Stahl, speaking of US sanctions against Iraq: “We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And – and you know, is the price worth it?”

Madeleine Albright: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price – we think the price is worth it.”

Who can or has the will to bring justice to the establishment elites for waging war for their globalist masters? Liberals are virtually immune to the silence of condemning progressives. This "PC" distortion of reality seldom penetrates the bubble of cover-up. When the echo chamber for leftist exemption from responsibility forgoes accountability, the entire society is drained of an opportunity for social justice.

Liberals need to see their faces in the mirror as an enabler for everlasting war. They are the bookends along with the Bush proponents that destroyed any moral imperative for world leadership. The jury is still out on the Trump administration. However, the emphatic shift to the shadow government operatives is most disturbing.

If the left really wants to be the champion of the common man, where is the push back against a foreign policy that has changed little under Bush, Clinton, Bush Junior, Obama and now Trump?

Bombing the incompliant into submission is not a valid foreign doctrine. The bipartisan gang of warmongers is at blame when the guns explode in a salvo of death. As long as the phony war on terror goes on the net result is that the lasting causality is the body politik of our own nation. Reestablish the anti-war movement as an active vehicle for true national defense by bringing back the troops to our own shore.

SARTRE - September 26, 2017

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James Gilliland September 2017 Update: Ancient History and Understandings to Free the Soul

September Update

Ancient History and Understandings To Free The Soul

by James Gilliland
September 21, 2017

We are in the Apocalypse defined as the great uncovering. We are going to realize almost everything we have been told is a lie, half-truths designed to steer humanity off course, hinder human evolution.

Well looks like the double speak is here. The masks are all coming down. No rock is being left unturned and all iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops. The days of tyranny and deception are coming to a close. We are in the Apocalypse defined as the great uncovering. We are going to realize almost everything we have been told is a lie, half-truths designed to steer humanity off course, hinder human evolution. Peoples true intentions are being made known despite the blatant futile attempts to maintain the status quo. If you want to know the truth just take the lame stream medias broadcast and reverse it. Know the agenda of the Cabal, the New World Order and you will see the reasons why there is so much pain, suffering, death and lack on the planet.

The Archon or Draconian grid has been in place ever since the fallen Annunaki aligned with reptilian forces for total supremacy.

To truly understand what has been happening on the Earth you need to know the players. The Archon or Draconian grid has been in place ever since the fallen Annunaki aligned with reptilian forces for total supremacy. This began with Marduk. He is on the face of the dinar. Many religions are based on the bearded gods which is going to be a shock to most religious folks. The Egyptian Gods, Greek Gods, Hindu Gods, Jewish God, many other ancient deities all go back to the Annunaki. All Gods are tied into Off Worlders or Inner Earth beings. Some were benevolent, some were not. This includes the demigods and hybrids between human and Lyrians. The stories of famous demigods were true, they were hybrids, stronger, taller, wiser than most humans. The ancient Lyrians were the root race for humanity and colonized many planets within the multiverse. Yes, some are from other dimensions. There still exist very advanced Annunaki that never fell, they continued to operate under Universal Law many of which reside on the 6th through 9th dimensions. They are exquisitely beautiful and they are returning. Now before you think we are taking away your God reason this, who created them? We are only expanding the image of God to be multidimensional and all encompassing. Omnipresent.

Karmically the Annunaki are connected to what happened in the ancient past on Earth and they are here to right a wrong. There was a power struggle between Enki and Enlil. Enki was the scientist who loved his creations and Enlil was the General who wanted the experiments to be terminated. The images of all forgiving loving Gods and jealous wrathful gods stem from these ancient events. Whether or not they caused the floods or just did not intervene is an unanswered question. Enki did warn Noah who was a hybrid to prepare. Noah was the son of Enki and a village woman, a demigod. He had white hair and glowed as a child which made the villagers a bit uneasy. They asked Enki what to do with him and were told raise him as your own.

There was a second attempt to colonize Earth which involved the Pleiadeans - an off shoot of the ancient Lyrians. Over millions of years they adjusted to their planet and became smaller in stature. The Lyrians colonized the Pleiades, Orion and Haydies systems. Haydies is a very desolate desert planet which being sent to was very undesirable. They then came to Earth, Mars and Maldek or Milona as other cultures referred to it. Maldek was destroyed due to internal wars and is now the asteroid belt. The Pleiadeans started the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria. The Atlanteans strayed from universal law and started to use their technologies much like today to control and manipulate the people. The Lemurians who also had technology warned the Atlanteans about miscreation and misuse of technologies thus Atlanteans used their beam weapons to destroy Lemurian settlements. The green glass sheets under the Gobi Desert are examples of this war. The Lemurians also had space faring technology and brought down a meteor in retaliation leaving a very large hole terminating much of the life on Earth. The two colonies also worked with 12 other major off worlders known as the Star Nations. Each bringing their human, plant, and animal genetics to Earth. Thus, you have the different races and diverse genetics despite what the historians are telling you. The colonies all seemed to start out great, were infiltrated by lessor souls then split into opposing factions. The space faring Pleiadeans came across the Andromedans who were eight to ten feet tall, had magnetized light bodies, light ships and lived in a holographic universe. They were in awe and asked the Andromedan Council to lead them. The Andromedans said no, we will advise but you must lead yourselves. The Andromedans are mythologically known as Arch Angels. They have energy fields that feather back when coming into this dimension that look like wings.

The Antarctic expeditions are now verifying much of this story. They are uncovering humanoid aliens some feline human, reptilian, other species as well. The Paracus skulls and the Nazca Mummy also fits into this story. The Felines carved in stone in Egypt walked right alongside of the Annunaki until they fell. They fell from universal law and the felines noble in stature left. They could no longer protect or support the fallen Annunaki. The findings of the tombs of the Annunaki rulers in Iraq who each ruled for thousands of years along with the Sumerian cylinders giving the names of the succession of rulers also verifies what we are saying. Many were immortal. Some were copper base rather than iron base and had blue skin. The humanoid feline statues buried with the ancient kings also represent one group which were upright lion beings. They are also referred to in Hindu scriptures as Narissha and Narshringa. In Egypt Sekhmet. They are found throughout the galaxy in ancient Lyra and mostly in the Sirius system.

They are returning as well along with the benevolent Annunaki. The benevolent Annunaki, Andromedans, Arcturians, Pleiadeans and the Orion Council of Light are all returning to aid in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. There were great wars fought in the Orion system to liberate planets from the oppression of the Draconians and tall Greys. Now it is coming to Earth. I would not worry about what is coming, there is more to worry about what is here, has always been here and has enslaved humanity for eons. The Archon or Draconian Grid is coming down. The ruling elite much of which is not human is also being dealt with. You have the puppet masters which are unseen entities often referred to as demonic, grey, reptilian and serpent beings pulling the strings of the cabal. The cabal pull the strings of the monetary systems, they are the banksters and ultra-rich. They also pull the strings of most politicians and religious leaders. There is a reason they refer to it as draining the swamp. The pedophile rings, satanic rituals, etc. are all part of ungodly actions to gain favor from these unseen entities. They often receive power and wealth in return. It’s like Club Draco. If you haven’t noticed there is a war on creation. Humanity and the Earth are being warred upon by some very dark forces some of which that feed off the fear, pain, and suffering. The wars, disease, pollution, chemtrails, carcinogenic food additives, fluoridation of water and now geoengineering and weather modification most of which all points back to these very same people. Or should I say non-humans. In-human things are done by non-human beings. Yes, there are those in ignorance who are integrity challenged that do their bidding and those who have sold their souls for profit, fame, and wealth.

God forbid you go within and make your own personal God connection and lead yourselves.

Did you know how disempowering it is to wait for an external savior to save you? An external God to fix everything? What did the true masters say? The temple of God is within. Ye are all Gods. Don’t worship me because the servant does not know what the master is doing. God forbid you go within and make your own personal God connection and lead yourselves. This message is what got the masters killed. The tyrants and enslavers would be finished if everyone took personal responsibility. This message is returning due to popular demand and the intervention of the benevolents. Your governments have failed, your religions have failed, your business institutions have failed, each have failed to bring about Universal Law.

Look at the leaders in the top levels of your institutions. Most are retched entities, soulless, there are a few standing for universal law yet they are up against a very dark machine.

Universal Law is best understood as, Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom, and Prosperity for All. The reason why is as you climb the ladder of power and wealth its gets darker and darker eventually ending up in hell. A place where there is no love, joy, bliss, harmony all these sought-after gifts have diminished to a point where they are no longer accessible. Look at the leaders in the top levels of your institutions. Most are retched entities, soulless, there are a few standing for universal law yet they are up against a very dark machine.

This is coming to an end. The end of the tyrants is fast approaching. It all has to do with the Earth’s Ascension. Those who are not frequency specific to the Earth’s evolution, those who cannot rise to the occasion will fall. The solution to this madness is raising the consciousness and energy. For those who have not been paying attention the solar system is moving through a highly energized place in space. We are also being bombarded by Gama, X and Cosmic rays. The sun which is supposed to be in a solar minimum is blasting us with X class flares. These flares create changes in the bioelectric energy fields surrounding the human body and all bodies on Earth. This includes changes in the DNA when it comes to Gama and Cosmic rays.

The increasing influx of light and energy both of which carry consciousness is creating a vibrational lifting effect. An awakening. Global warming is a cosmic event not a CO2 event. It is a nature cycle that has happened many times in the past, time when there was no industrial complex or SUVs. These flares create an increase in severe weather, tornadoes, and hurricanes. It also creates an increase in volcanic and earthquake activity. Notice anything different lately? Social, economic and earth changes are here and they are exponentially rising. There is also a trans-dimensional war going on. It is a war in the unseen and now the seen or physical. The source itself is pressing hard upon the Earth. It is a consciousness and energy beyond comprehension. There are legions that come with it some of which are unique yet one with the source. They have merged with the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. That same consciousness exists within each and every one of us regardless of culture or religion. It is suppressed more in some cultures and religions than others. We all exist in a unified field of consciousness and energy which in 3D is lowered into mass. The ancient masters knew of this yet this knowledge is highly suppressed by the tyrants. What would happen if the knowledge was released that as a soul we all have the same father, the same mother, the same origin, we were all equal and were all family?

What would happen if we all realized we had access from within to that same source? What would happen to all the divisions, separations, wars, acts of aggression towards man and nature? What would happen if we realized the Creator is Omnipresent within all creation? How would we behave? It is called Unity Consciousness. The Mayans refer to it as the 9th wave and it is upon us. When it is said the right wing and the left wing are the same bird it is in most cases true. But in the bigger picture it is true in all cases. We all exist within the same bird, it is called the unified field. The divisions and separations are merely the recycled ignorance of the tyrants. We create and accept the divisions. There are no greater dividers than the Archons and Draconians along with their puppets. The way to win this game is to end the divisions. Shift into service to others, all others, all life. In the big picture, there are no others nor is there a separation with creation it is all one. Which brings us back to Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom, and Prosperity for All. In the simplest and most profound statement, “If it isn’t good for everyone, it isn’t good.”

“If it isn’t good for everyone, it isn’t good.”

So how does this all fit into spirituality, ufology, religions. It fits into all of them. How do you know which side of the fence is your political, religious, or spiritual leader? Are they perpetuating the recycled ignorance of the past? Are they empowering you as an individual to make your own personal connection to God/Creator/Great Spirit? Are they creating a dependency and are they self-serving or in service to others? Have they set themselves up as messiahs, go betweens? How much ego is present? Did you know the false ego is the door to the unseen negative influences, separation is the mindset of the tyrants? Did you know most tyrants are wounded little boys/girls trying to get their power back and have become the very thing they despise? How many false prophets, messiahs, teachers, and healers will it take before one goes within? Finds their own inner healer, their own inner guidance and in the case of ufology rise to the occasion and create their own contact?

How many false prophets, messiahs, teachers, and healers will it take before one goes within?

Did you know some of the antigovernment people who scream the loudest are planned opposition? The cabal found out a long time ago without a savior people revolt and if they install the savior they can control the narrative. Now that’s something to ponder. How about the ones who claim there are no unseen negative ETs and you should open up to everything and allow them to use your body? How about those who collect thousands, sometimes millions under false pretenses and use that money for their own personal gain? Now that’s a whopper, just what are they disclosing? How about the ones who proclaim to be the only true prophet of God and the only contactee then demand 20 % of your income to join? We won’t mention any names like Michael Horn and Billy Meier. Sorry could not resist considering the fact that they are attacking all other ufologists and crop circle researchers not under their wing. They lost me when the Dean Martin backup singers turned out to be their off-world contacts, the inventor of adobe said the pictures were overlays faked, Ptah said all crop circles are man-made hoaxes, models were found exact duplicates of his alleged ufos and his son and wife begged him to end the charade. His case has as much validity as the case for Russians hacking the elections. For those that have not figured it out yet Seth Rich put it on a thumb drive and gave it to Wikileaks. How about the ones who are saying don’t worry some external force is going to fix everything, you don’t have to do anything? Remember that, we are all going to ascend or get beamed up max out your credit cards you won’t have to pay them? Is that not disintegrous and disempowerment?

We are going to save this planet. We are going to take down the tyrants. We are going to restore universal law. Is there help? Of course, there is. We did not get into the shape we are in without some very evil intervention and we need divine intervention to get out of this mess. The answer is Universal Law with a strong dose of courage and impeccable integrity. Every man/woman in their heart of hearts wants to live a loving, joyous, abundant life, in harmony with nature with a strong connection to Creator. Getting back into the heart, into love and ending the separation game is the answer. Do not let the tyrants pit one against the other regardless of race or creed. Transcend all religious and cultural boundaries into unity consciousness. It won’t happen overnight, there will be challenges and until then some boundaries will be necessary but make this the end goal.

We all have our part to play and our future depends on it.

Remember in present day almost everything is a lie and we are dealing with opposites. The defense department in the past was the offense department. The forest service has become the deforest service, if a politician is accusing someone it is usually what they themselves are doing or have done. The justice department in most cases has become the Just Us department. Reason this how can we have chemtrails with a functioning EPA. Aluminum is raining down on us at 6000 times the healthy limit poisoning the water, killing the forests, and creating fires never before seen on the Earth. Let’s not forget barium, strontium, and a host of weaponized biologicals. We can go on and on the only real truth usually comes from within and trusting your own inner sensitivity. What we refer to on the highest levels as the BS meter. The masks are coming down, the truth is surfacing, Universal Law is coming and all that does not resonate or is not frequency specific will transform or fall. We all have our part to play and our future depends on it.

The last thing I would like to express is the loving, nurturing feminine energy in touch with the divine is the most sought-after energy in the multiverse. Love is the most powerful force in the multiverse, it is the manifesting force behind creation and the cosmic glue that holds everything together. There has been a great imbalance that is coming back into balance due to a major influx of energy from the divine feminine. Women emulating a man is not power nor is it the solution. The intellect and ego disconnected from the heart is why we are in the predicament we are in. The solution is to be authentic do not become the very thing you are fighting against and balance the divine feminine and the divine masculine within. I am saying this because of witnessing a lot of extremely wounded angry people stepping out of their power and pulling others out of their heart - who are being sponsored and played by the very people that wounded them and they are against. I will leave you to ponder that, it is a soul-searching question.

Be Well,
James Gilliland
ECETI Official YouTube Channel

You have my permission to send this far and wide.


Healing is a must for all those who desire to operate in other realms of consciousness. You must have self authority and maintain control. If you are experiencing negative vibrations, they are either thought forms, limiting mental concepts, psychic bonds or discarnate entities (lost souls) in need of healing. They are bound to the earth vibration due to lower vibration attitudes and emotions. Some are coercive and desire to manipulate and control. Love heals. Casting out only sends them to another place, another person. In ALL healings, remember that God is love. It is the power of love that heals and lifts. We will give you the following steps to clear the energy.

1. Close your aura by visualizing a white or gold light around you.

2. Call upon your chosen cultural representative of God, be it Jesus, Buddha, Babaji, Mary, Mohammed, White Eagle or another one of the Beautiful Many Christed Ones.

3. Tell the entities they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened. (repeat if you feel it is needed)

4. Tell them they are filled and surrounded with the Christ light and the Christ love. (or the highest consciousness and energy available)

5. Ask your chosen representative to take them to their perfect place.

6. Ask that all negative thought forms and limiting mental concepts be dissolved and lifted in the light of truth.

7. Ask that all psychic bonds be severed, and close your aura to all but spirit of the highest vibration.

Repeat this process until you feel clear. There may be more than one healing to do. Remember your word is very powerful, and what is spoken on their level manifests instantly. Many enlightened ones use this process before opening. It creates a clear and safe environment, and it also lifts the one who is doing the healing. Intent is nine-tenths of the law!

Hope this helps, please share with your family and friends.

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