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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 22, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 22 2017 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 22 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

(Video) Robert David Steele on Deep State Take Down, WW3, Indictments, and Zionist Info War

Published on Nov 21, 2017

Robert David Steele rejoins the program to discuss the sealed indictments that are mounting. We also discuss the deep state's attempts to remain in power and how Trump can defeat them and the Zionist Info war and agenda. He describes the Zionist agenda to start WW3 and the need to refocus our countries efforts on the needs of the nation.

Col. Potter on the Marine-Langley Operation -- Not at CIA HQ | Baron Trump Threatened

NOVEMBER 22, 2017


Col. Potter on the Marine Langley Op—NOT at CIA Headquarters; Baron Trump Threatened [video]

Roy was finally able to get the intel on the MEU in Langley. They didn’t go to CIA headquarters. They were in two other locations delivering a message from President Trump.

It sounds like a story that was blown out of proportion and details were inaccurate. That can happen when you have people living on the edge of their seats all the time, waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s been going on for years and recently escalated with the Saudi coup.

He also confirmed that the cabal, via ISIS, threatened to kill President Trump’s youngest son, Baron. Baron is a genius he tells us, and from what I have heard/read, has had issues which may be linked to vaccinations as the Trumps have taken steps to alter his vaccination schedule.

This explains some of Q’s reference to DT having a soft spot for those in a particular spot on the spectrum, and the special abilities some possess.

May Trump and his family be safe.

As always, Roy shares a lot of excellent information in his videos. ~ BP

Holy Spirituality with Pine Cone: Tiny Bubbles

Let There Be Light with Kevin Sorbo Trailer

I saw Alice in the light of Christ Effulgence revealing how she felt like a stooge in her growing-up family with her narcissistic sister, Royal Elizabeth, She directed me to sit opposite her with an intent to tell her truth, to have to withdraw from her sister, and withdraw from our deafening family troubles. She explained telepathically in enlightening liquefiable Love-energy Spirit how it feels to disappear in relationship with her sister, whether she enabled her hysterical drama, by becoming a stooge for Elizabeth’s self-hatred projections, or went censure-silent to escape stooge-ridicule.

I am enhancing little enlightening nuances to Let There Be Light, so I responded in Spirit to let her know that I am, presently withdrawing from Elizabeth, myself in 3D physical-life roles as her enabler, as a way to support Alice’s helpless choice to save her own soul too. Their narcissistic Mother forced Elizabeth to help her kill Alice, the same way she used the kids to turn me into a male-stooge too. Even when Alice was 2 years old we were able to learn how to respect each other’s Sovereignty, as we practiced Love Listening together, so we achieved Delight Bonding Spiritual Communion.

Family envy turned into rampart jealous rage for our auspicious opportunity to withdraw from a physical focus, into a non-narcissistic non-Mother/stooge non-self-centeredness non-hostage taking. One adult Mother, and Alice’s older favored sister, Elizabeth worked together to actually strip Kathy of any possible self-esteem. When they were teens later, I helped Elizabeth make amends for double-teaming with the narcissistic Mother to, really harm Alice this triangulation way, and as they both cried hot tears, they hugged each other, to try and turn things around.

Their new bond, really set Alice up for, more constant punishment-increase, along with murderous threats to stop letting me interfere in that divorced-family any more. The Mother made it all about her, like a true physically focused narcissist will do to project deadly Mother self-hate, and both Alice, and I have had to let go of Elizabeth, as if she suffers as her Satanic Child-sacrifice Mother’s Hitlery/Merkel-clone paperclip Feminazionist-twin. This little fish wants to discuss a few Tiny Bubbles from my Letting There Be Light Grace in Spirit Wonder that reveals more painful suffering nuances.

Narcissism comes from Physical-focused motives, not Spiritual Ascension non-Mother/Goverenment-owner Sovereign boundary crossing, so as Earth ascends into 5D, would that we be kind, we would do well to rename any Low-vibration physical body reference to female narcissism, into Spiritual, non-mother Ascension Earth, to a Spiritual Crystalline-base higher Light-frequency vibration non-body focus ‘all-about-me’ feminine gender Physical-role stooge-making hostage-taking discompassionate Dark-complicit motive…Earth. The Mother role is the Usury Dark’s pirate-treasure to use women to breed with alien kidnapper Alpha-male red neck/feminist whipper-snappers, for cannibal adrenalized baby-eating highs.

Even that the elite won’t allow their MAMA Laws to outlaw cannibalism speaks volumes to how far their MSM corporations go to target 83% money spent by females, pretty much turns all males into stooges, just like Elizabeth-sinister used Alice-stooge to make, Lizard Lizzie, and their Mother feel better about their elite-breeder suffering-selves.

I already was a male Ghost in this Mother-narcissistic family and, even last lifetime, before, I was that same Mother narcissist too, so I came back to blow a few tiny bubbles just like the little fish that wants to talk about Poison Earth-water. Actually who among us can afford to Spirit Focus, with all the assassinations killing off whole Mother-focus narcissistic-nations on Satanic Mother Earth migrants escaping evil elite cannibals in Satanic Mother homeless imprisonment.

Now here’s a good New-motive name for 5D Spiritual-ascension focused Earth, “Water Earth”. Even a male fish can survive in Love Ocean’s ONENESS Spirit Conscience non-collective Mother-narcissism Body-focus Consciousness “Water Earth”. In 83% female terms it would, merely mean shopping for something a little less body-focused, and a lot more compassionate-focused for others, instead. How can we deny, even the role of Mother is, all about physical narcissistic body-focus, like babies, food, and Aroused Vatican Valentine sex keeps the focus on the down-low, safe from any chance to have to ‘feel’ what Royal Elizabeth, and her Mother did to little Alice, who is, still soul-addicted to her narcissistic Mother-handler.

“Tiny Bubbles” sounds so harmless does’t it, but last time I checked in with Holy Spirit non-body Kind-focus the bubbliscious-truth, still doesn’t care who little-fish says it… This nuance in my Spiritual focus freedom is amazingly revealing, just how much the Mother-role is the main target of the elite Mind-control, and it seems Mother’s are projecting their, own hidden Stooge-feelings out onto ‘their’ stooges that, still are addicted to them, just like poor little Alice girl was, is, and will be next lifetime in more unkind role-reversal divisive-suffering body-focus narcissism-vengeance, unless she Let’s there Be more “Water Earth” 5D non-Mother Disney/Hollywood Movie-breeder Spirit-focus intimate Sovereign-ascension Delight Bonding Communion.

Steve Beckow -- Remembering John Kennedy

Remembering John Kennedy

November 22, 2017

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

John Kennedy, 1917-1963

We remember John F. Kennedy, assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963 by a team of CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Office of Naval Intelligence, and military agents.

One of the alleged grassy-knoll shooters (now deceased) later became a five-star general in active service.

A CIA officer on duty that day at the Texas Book Repository was George H.W. Bush, later Director the CIA and after that President of the United States.

Besides being photographed there, recently-released JFK call records show that he made a call from the Book Repository to the FBI. These photographic and written records establish his presence there and the fact that he was on official CIA business. What was he doing there that day?

None of us ever would have suspected that such a thing as this assassination was possible. It went farther than any of us could conceive of things going.

Why did they kill him? Because he wanted to disclose the existence of extraterrestrials.

Because he wanted to close the Federal Reserve and bring back the gold standard.

Because he opposed many of the activities of the CIA and military, such as false-flag operations, like Operation Northwood.

Matthew Ward explains:

“Fifty years ago the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy shocked the world, but even today very few individuals know that his death had far more than a deeply emotional impact. Eventually the truth will emerge that one of the reasons he was killed was to prevent his abolishing the privately-owned Federal Reserve System and returning the national currency to its dollar status, a move that would have ended the Illuminati’s control of that country’s economy and severely weakened their ability to manipulate the global economy. Half a century later than Kennedy intended, the dismantling of that nefarious system is underway.” (2)

Of the dream they tried to kill, Archangel Michael said:

“He had a dream of peace. … His dream was to see the complete cessation of what was termed the ‘cold war,’ and for the nation to come together in ways that were cooperative to truly engage in the exploration and the welcoming — because he was fully aware of the extraterrestrials, your star brothers and sisters — to fully engage with them.

“Now, was it packaged as a space race, as jobs, as economic growth? Yes, but that was not the kernel of the dream. The dream was a world of peace engaged with your star brothers and sisters in economic freedom for all. That was the gift that he brought.” (3)

On that day in 1963, school closed and we all went home. We didn’t stray from the TV throughout the next day. Most people were in tears, perhaps around the world, Kennedy was that well loved.

The New Frontier would go, and with it the Peace Corps and everything new and good, and the “suits” would return. We couldn’t believe it could happen.

I still weep remembering that heart-breaking day.

The Council of Love says that Kennedy was Lancelot in a former life (hence his emphasis on Camelot). When he returns, it will be as an intergalactic peacekeeper and ambassador, as Michael tells us:

“Now, when he returns, he will return as an interplanetary human being, and he will be very involved in the intergalactic councils for peace, harmony, cooperation and the establishment of intergalactic peace. That is what John Kennedy will return as, once again in male form, a peacekeeper and ambassador.” (4)


(1) Matthew’s Message, November 23, 2013, at

(2) “Archangel Michael: John F. Kennedy Will Return as an Intergalactic Peacekeeper,” channeled by Linda Dillon, November 21, 2013, at

(3) Loc. cit.

(4) Loc. cit.

George H.W. Bush, outside the Texas School Book Repository, from which the shots were allegedly fired, the day Kennedy was killed

(Video) Visiting the Galactic Confederation of Stellar Nations

Published on Mar 31, 2013

This video is a brief presentation about the Galactic Federation of Stellar Nations, also called « the Galactic Federation of Light », « the (Inter)Galactic Confederation » or simply the Galactic Federation. Many designations exist, all are referring to the same benevolent alliance between star nations.

(Video) Command PB Stardust Pleiadian Medical Protocol

Published on Nov 22, 2017

North Korean Defector Guns it to the Border, Survives and Makes it Across After Being Shot Multiple Times

NOVEMBER 21, 2017 / 9:08 PM

North Korea defector regains consciousness, video shows getaway under fire

Source: Reuters | By Haejin Choi, Josh Smith

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korean border guards were only steps behind a fellow North Korean soldier when they opened fire and one briefly crossed the border pursuing the wounded defector as he dashed to the South Korean side, a video released on Wednesday by the U.N. Command (UNC) in Seoul showed.

The defector was critically wounded, having been hit at least four times in the hail of bullets as he made his desperate escape on Nov.13. He was flown by a U.S. military helicopter to a hospital in Suwon, south of Seoul.

Doctors announced on Wednesday that he had regained consciousness, having had two operations to extract the bullets, and his breathing was stable and unassisted.

“He is fine,” lead surgeon Lee Cook-Jong said at a press conference in Suwon. “He is not going to die.”

A UNC official said North Korea had been informed on Wednesday that it had violated the 1953 armistice agreement, which marked the cessation of hostilities in the Korean War.

The UNC official told a news conference that a soldier from the North Korean People’s Army (KPA) had crossed the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), the border between the two Koreas, for a few seconds as others fired shots at the defecting soldier.

“The key findings of the special investigation team are that the KPA violated the armistice agreement by one, firing weapons across the MDL, and two, by actually crossing the MDL temporarily,” Chad Carroll, Director of Public Affairs for the UNC, told reporters.

The incident comes at a time of heightened tensions between North Korea and the international community over its nuclear weapons program, but Pyongyang has not publicly responded to the high-profile defection at the sensitive border.

For a graphic on defector's escape, click

For a graphic on North Korea defectors, click here


The dramatic video begins with a lone 4x4 army jeep speeding along empty, tree-lined roads toward the border.

At one checkpoint, a North Korean guard marches impassively toward the approaching vehicle, but then runs in pursuit as it races by.

After passing a memorial to North Korea founder Kim Il Sung, where tourists often gather for tours of the Joint Security Area (JSA) inside the demilitarized zone, the jeep ran into a ditch just meters from the border with the South.

For several minutes the driver tried to try to free the vehicle, but the wheels spun uselessly in fallen leaves.

The driver finally abandoned the vehicle and sprinted for his life, pushing tree branches out of his way and sending leaves flying.

He scrambled up slightly rising ground to cross the border just seconds before at least four of the guards appear, their guns blazing as they ran.

North Korean soldiers hold rifles and gather in the North Korean side of the Joint Security Area at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, in this still image taken from a video released by the United Nations Command (UNC) on November 22, 2017. United Nations Command/Handout via REUTERS

One pursuing guard slid into a pile of dead leaves to open fire before running forward and appearing to briefly cross the dividing line between the two countries before turning around.

The video does not show the moment when the defector was hit, but he is seen lying motionless in a pile of brush next to a concrete wall in one of the later edited clips in the video.

Carroll said the position was still exposed to North Korean checkpoints across the border.

The allied troops operating the CCTV cameras that captured the incident had by then notified their commanders and a quick reaction force had assembled on the South Korean side of the border, according to Carroll, though the video did not show this force.

Infrared imagery shows two South Korean troops crawling through undergrowth to drag the wounded North Korean to safety, while the deputy commander of the border security unit oversees the rescue from a few meters away.


Doctors conducted a series of surgeries to remove four bullets from the critically wounded soldier, who arrived at the hospital having lost a large amount of blood.

The surgeon, Lee, gave the soldier’s age as 24 years, and identified him by the family name Oh.

“From a medical point of view he was almost dead when he was first brought here,” Lee said.

Hospital officials said they believe the man will recover, though there were continued risks of infection and he remained in intensive care.

The soldier showed signs of depression and possible trauma, in addition to a serious case of parasites that has complicated his treatment, the hospital said in a statement.

Continuing stress made the soldier hesitant to talk, but he had been cooperative, doctors said.

The patient first recovered consciousness on Sunday, and asked where he was in South Korea, Lee said. He was in “agony” when he came to, the surgeon added.

Since then doctors have played South Korean pop music for him, and American action movies.

The surgeon said he believed the soldier left North Korea of his own volition, but did not offer any more insight into the man’s motivation for making the dangerous escape.

While on average more than 1,000 North Koreans defect to the South every year, most travel via China and it is unusual for a North Korean to cross the land border dividing the two Koreas, which have been in a technical state of war since their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty.

This incident marked the first time since 2007 that a North Korean soldier had defected across the JSA.

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